Gingerbread granola

Gingerbread Granola

Gingerbread granola is a festive recipe that you can use for breakfast and snacks throughout the holidays, or gift to friends and family. Granola is a high-fibre recipe, because it uses ingredients like nuts, oats, and seeds. Most Canadians are not meeting their fibre needs of 25-38 grams per day, which is important for digestion, …

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Eating For Breastfeeding

Eating nutritious foods during the postpartum period is important to feel your best mentally and physically. Eating for breastfeeding is especially important as it takes a lot of energy to produce breastmilk. There is a reason your hunger levels may feel intense when you are breastfeeding. Eating for breastfeeding: how much do you need to …

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12 Camping Meal Ideas

Whether you are staying in a trailer, glamping or roughing it in a tent, preparing for a weekend away is a lot of work. Coming up with what you will be eating shouldn’t be another added stress; here are 12 easy camping meal ideas. Yearly, we go camping for a weekend in a oTentik in …

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Meal Planning

Meal Planning For ADHD

Meal planning is beneficial for eating balanced meals, less stress, reduced take out and reduced food waste (RIP to all the rotten veggies in the crisper). ADHD is a neurodevelopmental disorder that impacts an estimated 3-5% of adults. Meal planning for ADHD can be difficult because of the challenges often faced with organization, time management, …

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Mindful eating for kids: child eating lunch

Mindful Eating For Kids

Mindful eating for kids can lead to a lifelong healthy relationship with food. Mindful eating encompasses being aware of how your body feels, not categorizing food as “good” vs “bad”, and eating slowly to savour and enjoy food.  Babies are born with mindful eating skills. They inspect and play with food, they eat slowly, and …

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Mindful vs Intuitive Eating

Mindful vs Intuitive Eating: What’s The Difference?

Mindful and intuitive eating are both accepted approaches of practice for many Registered Dietitians. Unfortunately, these words are now being used as buzz words by the diet industry causing some confusion with what they mean. Let’s start by breaking down mindful vs intuitive eating. What is mindful eating? As the name indicates, mindful eating incorporates …

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