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Top 5 Tips for Stress Free Holiday Eating

Top 5 tips for stress free holiday eating from a Registered Dietitian. The holidays can be a stressful time and with more indulgences available, people often lose focus of their healthy eating goals with the mindset that they will “start fresh” in January. 

This all or nothing mindset can lead to increased intake since psychologically you think that these foods will be restricted from your diet starting in January. This often leads people into the diet cycle, and diet culture feeds into this message which ramps up in the new year.

So, how can we approach the holidays differently this year while still enjoying holiday treats?

Top 5 Tips For Stress Free Holiday Eating

  1. Eat regular meals. With the hustle and bustle, it is still important to take the time to eat regular meals every 4-5 hours. Skipping meals leads to increased cravings and overeating later in the day. Also, if you have a dinner planned, it is still important to eat balanced meals leading up to these events. “Saving calories” for later in the day backfires and also causes increased portions.
  2. Don’t forget your veggies! Incorporate veggies at lunch and supper, but also try to find fun ways to include them in events to have with dips or appetizers.
  3. Self care. Take the time for self care to help with stress levels. Whether it is mediation, getting outside, puzzles, baths or exercise. Stress plays a direct role in our food choices and cravings.
  4. Be picky. If you are presented with a spread of goodies, it is okay to be picky and only choose the ones you TRULY enjoy.
  5. Eat slow & savour. Chew your food well, and actually enjoy the foods you are eating. When we take the time to eat mindfully, we are often satisfied with smaller portions.

To learn more about mindful eating, check out this blog post.

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